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Name: Kyle Broflovski

Age: 17

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'4

Weight: 136 Ibs

Status: It's complicated

Magic Anon: 1950s AU

Hey, dudes. I'm just here amplifying that I will answer just about anything, so remember to ask!

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[[ I need to get back on track with this, I do. I’m sorry. I just hurt my hand recently, and I’m in class so I’ve got other stuff to do, but I will try to return to this as soon as my hand’s better. ]]

Pretty breezy, though.

1950s au starting today.


He’s what one might call a fucking nosy piece of shit.

I thought Kenny probably would appreciate/wear them more than I would.

Well, I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for that…

"When you got cabbage in ya muff, it’s a jersey thang. Jeez."

Garbage = Cabbage w/a v. specific jersey accent.

My best guess, anyway. 

(In reference to the cake post ) Ok I know you probably don't know the difference bt the two types of diabetes, but if your cosplaying a diabetic character PLEASE put a little research into it. This isn't meant to sound rude but as a fellow diabetic it is incredibly important to educate yourself on juvenile diabetes. Kyle is likely a type one diabetic, so he can have sugar, and by association, cake

(( The cake post, which I prayyyed didn’t come off the way it did really just meant he shouldn’t have gotten a whole cake. I was hoping by the body language you could associate he was still going to eat from the goodie. :O Though, I know I didn’t elaborate on that because I didn’t have much patience that day. Rest assured, I’ve done a lot of research on diabetes, well at least the 1st type anyway. Anyway, I’m sorry the post came out wrong. ))


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